Free Power of Attorney For Health Care Offer

A health care power of attorney names an agent to make health care decisions on your behalf if your are unable to make your own health care decisions—the agent is a “surrogate decision maker.” The health care power of attorney can set standards for life support and restrictions on health care. It can also name a guardian for your person. A health care power of attorney differs from a living will declaration in that it is effective for decisions other than terminal care decisions.

Although you can name one or more successor agents (to serve in the event your primary agent is unable or unwilling to serve), no “co-agents” may be named under an Illinois power of attorney for health care.

To receive your free, ready to sign, power of attorney for health care, please call (708) 497-6294 or complete the following on-line form. Please provide information for your primary agent and at least one successor agent. After submitting the on-line form, you will receive a phone call within 2-3 weeks notifying you that your power of attorney is ready for signing. You can either sign the form at my office or I will mail the form to you with instructions on how to sign it.